Hey,it's you're Bieber anon..baby ;) aha Just here trying to make people smile! Including you! So,don't be afraid to put something in my ask I love to make new friends-tumblr friends-haha I don't bite :)

PS. I love my nigga Selena. She is amazing. She's like. the definition of perfection. ok? Just. like. Words cannot describe how incredible she is

I gotta go somewhere 


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Why is there always drama on here.. 

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yourselgomezanonn whispered, "i dunno if you remember me, but hii :)"

Of course I remember you :) 

Sorry I haven’t been on in like ages haha

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plot twist: ashton kutcher comes out of the cornucopia and the tributes discover they’ve all been punked 

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hi… :) 

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Hayley my blog’s working now,come on facebook when you see diss 

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sorry wrong blog 

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I iz baaaack 

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